Staff & Board

Catalysts for Positive Social Change

Our ServeMinnesota team provides the building blocks that help AmeriCorps programs run across the state of Minnesota. As a catalyst for positive social change, ServeMinnesota moves research to practice and deploys the people power of AmeriCorps to meet critical needs in Minnesota.

We foster an inclusive workplace environment made up of individuals all strongly committed to mission-driven work and service to our communities. 

employer of national service badge
ServeMinnesota is a proud Employer of National Service. Currently 33% of our staff are AmeriCorps alumni.

Senior Leadership

Julia Quanrud Headshot
Lindsay Dolce, J.D. Headshot
Janet Johnson Headshot
Dean Kephart Headshot
Lynn Lewis Headshot
Peter Nelson, Ph.D. Headshot
David Parker, Ph.D. Headshot
Sandy Pulles, Ph.D. Headshot
Lisa Winkler Headshot


Katie Boehm Headshot
Sadie Botine Headshot
Ellie Bullard Headshot
Lisa Carlson Headshot
Janice Collova Headshot
Sharon Delcambre, PhD Headshot
Lindsay Fondow Headshot
Mayank Gupta Headshot
Allie Handberg Headshot
Sam Hartzell Headshot
Alicia Jackson-Thole Headshot
Maggie Jacoby Headshot
Patrick Kaiser Headshot
Isa Kibira Headshot
Kristin Klaustermeier Headshot
Dmitry Konopatski Headshot
Lisa Lambert Headshot
Sarah McKee Headshot
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Becky Newgren Headshot
Stacey Scherschligt Headshot
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Board of Directors

Nomin Angarag

William Arendt

Jennifer Bartels

Essence Blakemore

Sarah Clyne

Lois Duffy

John Ellenberger

Elizabeth Emerson

Linda Gilligan

Representative Emma Greenman

Willie Jett, Education Commissioner

Curtis Johnson

Kate Kelly

Representative Erin Koegel

Karen Larson

Mauricio Leon

Jane Leonard

Daniel McConnell

Stephanie Moncada

Shelly Munoz

Joseph Nayquonabe

Nathan Prouty

Mary Quirk

Deborah Richardson

Philip Rutherford, Board Chair

Amy Walstien


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